Activity Restriction or Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Activity Restriction or Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Today we’re going to be talking about activity restriction, or bed rest, in pregnancy.

For years doctors have been recommending activity restriction or even strict bed rest during pregnancy for complications like early labor, high blood pressure or poor growth of the baby.

Recently these recommendations have been changing because we, frankly, don’t have enough evidence that bed rest actually improves or changes any pregnancy outcomes.

In fact, we’re discovering that bed rest might increase risk for complications in the mom.

These complications include bone loss, muscle loss, what we call deconditioning, or even development of blood clots.

So we try not to recommend such drastic changes such as bed rest if we’re not clear that it’s going to be providing benefit, and certainly if it’s a increase risk of providing or causing harm to the mom.

So with rare exceptions, bed rest and activity restriction are no longer routinely recommended for complications of pregnancy.

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